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Hello World! Welcome to “Travel on Wings”
I’m pleased to welcome visitors of my blog Travel on Wings, a digital platform for travelers, tourists, aviation lovers and for all those who want to explore the world. Whatever is in your mind, you will find information at every step.

As the Chief Editor of Travel on Wings, I’m delighted to share my lifetime experiences of travels, adventures, tourism and points of attractions through the art of my own storytelling with you. I have been travelling across the globe for my business and pleasure trips. I have countless memories, some are beautiful and obviously some lessons, which is normal during most challenging travels. I am here to share my experiences and reviews with you as long as I can remember. I will add to your knowledge the best, the top and most fascinating places, events, transports, routs, foods, sports and the beauty of diverse cultures, which I have been witnessing through the journey my life. I have explored North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa. I have watched documentaries, talked with world explorers, flew over the poles and oceans of wonderland. My journey is still going on and I will be adding these experiences and more to your screen, to guide, inspire and fascinate your future plans.
Travel on Wings is more than just a travel blog. It is a collection of articles based realistic facts and the things I faced in my lifetime journey. Here, you can search and find a large collection of articles that covers vast world of travel, tourism, transportation, aviation, food, sports, entertainment and much more for the interest of our readers and explorers.
So, whether you are planning your tour for adventure, leasure or simply seeking inspiration and information for your dream travels, we’re here for you. Join us. Subscribe and follow our social media links given on the home page of this blog.
Thank you for choosing Travel on Wings as your information source and travel companion. We are excited to have your feedback and comments to improve it regularly.
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Masood A Khan
Chief Editor
Travel on Wings

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